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Reformed Quitter

I finished the book of Numbers this morning. I am excited that I have gotten as far as I have, 50 days straight without missing one. That is quite an accomplishment for this reformed quitter. 2011 is shaping up to be a year where I finish a lot of things, completed a website, ate a whole heart of chocolate on Valentine's Day, and I have gotten through books of the Bible that used to bore me to tears. More than just having read the books, I have actually been able to understand them, take what I read and apply it to my life.

I have nearly an entire month of writing invested into this blog. A whole month, seriously, that is not like me at all. I am a starter, not a finisher, at least I used to be. I can sense God moving me into new directions lately, changing the desires of my heart, giving me new focus, new ministries and apparently the drive to see them through to completion.

2010 was a rough one, and it ended with me being ready to quit church and ministry altogether but I persevered even when it was tough, even when I didn't want to and I feel like everything is finally coming back together. Not like I had to wander the desert for 40 years. I just had a few shaky months and looking back on them, I grew from those experiences.

I am also thankful for that time in my life where I was frustrated, unsure, angry and hurt. I needed to feel those things, I needed to be reminded that life isn't going to be hunky-dory, the storms will still come, I just have to trust in Him, and praise Him no matter what.


Funny you mention finishing, that has been my prayer for me and my hubby...we both have some dreams that we have been investing in and working on, and I've been praying to the Lord to give us the strength to follow these dreams through to completion. That's great you got through all of Numbers! I need to do that...I don't think I've ever read an entire book of the Bible all the way through, let alone the whole Bible...unless you count maybe Jude, or one of the Johns (short and sweet, lol).

And yes! You have an award! (I'm supposed to let you know that, lol! But I'm glad you read my post and found out! :) )


2/19/11, 2:18 PM  

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