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How Great Is Your Goat?

   If you are joining me in my "Bible in a Year" challenge you spent today reading about (again) all of the sacrifices that were required of the Israelites in order to be in fellowship with God. It really is staggering. Daily offerings, Passover offerings, Monthly offerings, Sabbath offerings, Festival offerings. My mind can't seem to wrap around the amount of livestock that they sacrificed, not to mention grain, olive oil and wine. (Numbers 29)

   This wasn't just a few stray lambs or goats and a drop of oil. The offerings they brought before the Lord were costing the Israelites something. They weren't giving 'left-overs' (as my pastor puts it). God stated, more than a few times, that the offerings must be the best of the flock or crop, unblemished.

   How would God view your offerings? I am not talking about the money you put into the offering plate. I mean what are you giving to God of yourself? Are you using your gifts in ministry to the best of your ability? What about the amount of time you offer to God, is it just your left over time, a few minutes here or there, 60 minutes on Sundays? What about your thought life, does God get the best of that, or are your private thoughts off limits? (FYI- He does know what you are thinking about) Prayer and Bible study....  when you need something? Have you given to God the very best of your life?

   God hasn't changed, He never will. (Malachi 3:6) What makes us think that He would accept anything less than our very all, and the best we have to give. He didn't accept seconds from the Israelites and I don't believe He would be pleased with anything less from us.



Christin said...

Oh the sting of the truth. My heart cries out for more and my flesh fights me all the way there.
Joyful Mothering

2/18/11, 2:37 PM  

Right there with ya Christin.

2/18/11, 3:07 PM  

Good stuff, sister ;D


2/18/11, 7:34 PM  

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