Lessons learned for the Christian life.

Telling God "NO"

   I am reading through the Bible this year and today, January 20, 2011 has me right smack in the middle of Egypt with Moses, Aaron, and Pharaoh.

   Telling God "No", let's face it, is never a good idea. Moses did it at the beginning of Exodus, first by saying that he wasn't good enough to appear before Pharaoh. Then Moses said that even if he did what God asked him to do, the Israelites wouldn't believe him, because he didn't know what name to call God and  he didn't think the Israelites would believe that he had met with God. Moses finally just said, you know what, I can't do this, talk to the King of Egypt, or to the Israelite people, because I stutter when I talk. Many people can recognize this story, and that God provided for each of these excuses that Moses gave. I think a lot of Christians forget the fact that soon after this encounter, God was going to kill Moses, he was only spared because of a sacrifice that his wife made, Exodus 4:24-26.

   Pharaoh made these same lapses in good sense when he refused to let God's people, the Israelite's, leave Egypt to worship God in the wilderness. At first his answer was a flat out "NO". Then he agreed to let God's people go, only to change his mind once the plagues had been removed. These plagues had gotten so bad that he agreed to let the men go, but not the livestock women and children, it wasn't until all of the first born of Egypt had been killed, including those in Pharaohs own house, that Pharaoh obeyed God and let Israel go.

   Christians today can be just as stubborn as Pharaoh and Moses. I have had feelings of inadequacy that have prevented me from doing something that God had led me to do. I have flat out said "NO" because I just didn't want to do it. I have tried to appease God by doing it half-way. God didn't try to kill me over it, but I can honestly tell you that I could feel a distance between God and myself until I made it right. I never felt happy, fulfilled and the fullness of God's blessings until I obeyed, and did it His way.

Forgive me for being so enamored with my plans and my ideas that I refused to do your will. Thank you for your patience mercy and grace that I do not deserve. I love you Lord, help me to follow you. Strengthen me to do what is right. Give me the wisdom and knowledge to know your will when you present it to me. Fill me with your Spirit and love so that I have an abundance to show to others.
In Jesus name,


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