Lessons learned for the Christian life.

Move. No You Move. Your Call.

   I have been observing a little radio silence if you will. I realize it has been weeks since I have posted anything. I struggled to get passionate about anything enough, to the point where I felt lead to write about it, hence the absence of posts lately.

I was looking at my Facebook wall literally 4 minutes ago and saw an image that my uncle had been tagged in. He is a ham radio/military buff so I wasn't at all surprised when it had to do with radio communications and the military. What shocked me was the sudden and very clear way God chose to use that image to speak to me.  See the image below, then I will explain.

I love our military, especially the Navy, my dad was a sailor. So I do not post this to poke fun or imply anything disrespectful.

What struck me was that obviously the Navy knows where they are going, the have complicated, multi-million dollar instruments. I am certain they knew where they were headed on October 10, 1995, they were on a mission.  I know where I am headed, I know my mission. Like all believers God instructs me to reach others with the love of Christ. But, like that United States aircraft carrier, I have refused to budge at times because I think I know the way to get to the end. The fact remains that while I may have an idea where God is leading, I have no idea how to get there, and He very well may intend for me to alter my course by a few degrees at times. He is the Lighthouse, He doesn't change, or move. He isn't swayed, He isn't lost, He isn't wrong. I might feel strong and powerful, like I have an entire fleet behind me, but that won't save me from the rocks if I do not listen to his leading.


Glad to see you posting again

6/14/11, 2:12 PM  
Ken said...

Very good post.
God bless,

6/16/11, 2:00 AM  
JT said...

Gret post. It is great to know where you are going. God Bless you.

7/7/11, 5:37 PM  

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