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Tuscaloosa AL... Here We Come

   My family including my 5 children, parents, sister and niece will be driving the 5+ hours to Tuscaloosa AL to do whatever we can to help with the relief efforts going on there. We will be leaving Friday and returning home Sunday. We are funding this trip entirely ourselves, we will be purchasing food, baby items, toiletries, medical supplies or whatever is needed when we arrive in Alabama, if you would like to contribute every cent will go to purchase items for relief, you can send money to my fathers paypal account at

  We are teaming up with First Wesleyan Church of Tuscaloosa, you can follow their efforts at the link below.

First Wesleyan Church Tuscaloosa, AL

Images for the trip can be viewed HERE


JT said...

Good luck on your trip. I will pray for your safety. God Bless You.

5/6/11, 11:05 PM  

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